Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Boxers or Briefs

The Boxers or Briefs (aka BoB) Hunt started a couple of days ago. Now this hunt was designed with men in mind. Which is a great thing as there seriously is not enough hunts out there for guys. But I thought what the heck, I was bored so I went and did it anyway. Haven't done a hunt in what seems like eons, and boy am I glad I did this one.

Gabe - you rock my friend! The BoB Hunt is awesome with some outstanding designers taking part in it. If you have done it you know of the quality and designs I am talking about. If you haven't done it....what are you waiting for - it finishes 14th February. Start at CheerNo and look for a box of undies.

Just because it is aimed at the guys doesn't mean you ladies can't look sexy in the items either. I picked a few favourites from the bundles I collected and I have to tell you - to me...there is something ultra sexy about a chick in Y-Fronts and a singlet. I'll let you be the judge.

BoB Gift from PEER

Zebra Undies in grey, pink and green. These are so, so cute and so cheeky. Just adorable!
Pose: Model #214 and Model #221 from SEmotion Studios

BoB Gift from MF Designs

Retro Low Net Boxer Briefs in orange, white, pride, soft pride, aqua and gold. Very cheeky briefs and a little daring at the back.
Pose: Model #57 from SEmotion Studios

BoB Gift from Concrete Flowers

Mixed Briefs Pack in vintage, ribbon, sunflowers and stars. I just love how cute these briefs are.
Pose: Standing hand on hip from Studio Sidhe, Fantasy Fae from [LAP] and Model #52 from Semotion Studios.

BoB Gift from four.arsenic

Pirate Life Boxers in green, red, grey, purple and blue. Very simple but also very cute. With the skull and cross bones on the hip. A sort of grungy/punk feel to these ones.
Pose: Melancholy 13 from *Luth* (DSN Subscribo) {*}

BoB Gift from Robbish

:Rob: - Coal Shorts and :Rob: - White shorts. Both come in a plain and a sheer version. The detail on these is spot on and high quality. I can see I'm going to get a lot of good use out of these ones.
Pose: Model #168 and Model #206 from SEmotion Studio

I could keep taking photos and show you all of the items as they are seriously worth it. But I would be here all day wtih the amount there are. This should be a taster enough for you to go ahead and do the hunt if you haven't already.

Happy Hunting

Other items to mention that are in each photo:
Skin: Imani from Laqroki
Ears: Mystic Ears from *~*Illusions*~*
Hair: Aveda Crop in Noir from ETD
Shirt: Bow Tank in White from *Dreams* {*}

{*} Items denoted with this symbol are either free from DSN Subscribo, Donated from Shop Owner, Gift or Blog Package from shop owner.

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