Thursday, January 7, 2010

The 'Past' meets the 'Present'

Ok, so Sophia Harlow sent out a bloggers challenge. Now anyone that knows me, knows it's not a good thing to give me a challenge or to dare me to do something. I'm like a bull staring down a red flag.

Now this challenge was a little tricky for me. I have swapped accounts since I first joined SL. Not sure whether this is a "luckily" or an "unluckily"...but I had transferred over everything that I could when I changed accounts. And for some strange reason when I lost my inventory a few months back.....I managed to not lose some of my early things! But after a bit of searching and a trip back down memory I am, or should that be was?

I was a tad shorter in those days. I hadn't quite lost my puppy fat and found my curves. Nor had I discovered flexi hair. What was I thinking?!? Now believe it or not....frankly it probably isn't all that unbelievable, but I used the noob skin and hair for quite some time thinking I looked fine. And I lived in clothes and shoes from Sarah's Freebies. Hey...I was new with no job or home!

Ahhhh...that's better, I found my curves! These days I tend to change my skin depending on my outfit, so I have a few skins (32 folders). My shape doesn't tend to change all that often. Although I do have a few spares that I will dust of now and then.

These days I can be found grid hopping from store to store in search of my next outfit. I have a few favourites that I frequent though. Like Luna's Boutique. She has everything - underwear, swimwear, casual, sporty, grungy, rock, punk, evening wear, etc. In this picture I'm wearing the Winter Dress in grey, which comes with black leggings and prim collar. The shoes are Shandra v2 with Tita Toes in Dark Wood / Black from Pixel Mode.

It certainly was fun to reminisce. Try it. You'll have a good laugh.

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