Thursday, January 21, 2010

What's in a name - A Bloggers Challenge

Ok folks. I am about to put out my very first challenge. I'm not sure how many of you will actually go through with it. But I couldn't resist.

I was sitting at home, bored with no one online to bug, I mean hang out with. I decided to have a surf through XStreet and on a whim I typed in my name to see what was out there. I was actually surprised to find a lot of things referenced back to my name. Now one thing I must mention here though, is that I spell my name with a "U". So when I searched in XStreet I searched for things called "Aurora".

And that's when it came to me. I was reading a post recently on Alicia's blog where she asked for someone to come up with a new challenge. Why not, I thought to myself. I've never set a challenge before and this seemed something different and unsual. I many bloggers out there will be able to follow through with this completely I wonder.

The above picture is me wearing all items called Aurora or Arora. The only this that is not, is my shape - I kept my original shape. The top is the Ballet Sweater from as I was unable to find a top called Aurora/Arora.

I'm sending out a challenge to all bloggers to see if you can put together a complete outfit that has been named the same as your SL name. Different spellings are a given as we all don't spell the same ie: Britney - Brittany, Jenny - Jennie, Chris - Chrys etc. Can you do it? Skin, Shape, Eyes, Hair, Clothing, Shoes, Accessories - you name long as it has the same name as your SL name.

Good luck to any that follow through with this. And if you could post a link to you blog in my comments so I can check them out that would be great. Will be interesting to see wht others come up with.

Me on the other hand....I'm not too sure about the new me. Think I preferred the old me and will be going back to normal.

What I'm wearing:

Skin: Aurora Skin 9, from *CC*
Hair: Aurora Blonde E, from Magika
Eyes: Aurora, from Charismatika
Skirt, Braces, Neck Scarf and Shoes: Celtic Plaids Kilt Set Aurora, from Entropys
Top: Ballet Sweater in berry, from
Poses: Full length - Model #21, from SEmotion Studio
Close up - Standing hand on hip, from Studio Sidhe

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