Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Do you love Science Fiction as much as I do? Do you wish you could make jaws drop by wearing a rocking outfit? Would you believe me if I told you that this cost $0L?

Alpha.Tribe - catering to all fantasy and science fiction types across the SL Grid.

Anatomia will turn heads, make people stare at you, cause others to walk into walls as they try to check you out while walking around. It is an absolute eye opener. Well stomach opener. But we'll get there in a minute.

There are 2 skin options. PG - shown here, and non PG (nipples'n'nether regions). Horns with intricate texturing detail from atop your head. A belt hangs from your waist with the most bizarre of details.....drawings of internal organs and descriptions. Now that's a way to accessorize. The left leg is open, baring your bones to the SL World - as are your shoulders. The shoulders come with two sets. You can chose to have a metal design, or bones like on your leg. Why not mix and match and have one of each? Now we come to the stomach. This is by far my favourite part of this avatar. Your spine is exposed, extending from the top of your avatar's id section and disappearing down into the lower half. There looks to be part of the pelvis protruding and even moving parts swirling around. The amount of work that has gone into this avatar simply amazes me....and it's FREE!

Alpha.tribe have many different avatars for you to choose from in both male and female packs. Starting from $0L up to the most expensive at around the $600L mark. There are a stack of $1L fantasy skins on the lower flower, and don't forget to check out the top floor for some new releases.

Poses by Couverture