Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Boxers or Briefs

The Boxers or Briefs (aka BoB) Hunt started a couple of days ago. Now this hunt was designed with men in mind. Which is a great thing as there seriously is not enough hunts out there for guys. But I thought what the heck, I was bored so I went and did it anyway. Haven't done a hunt in what seems like eons, and boy am I glad I did this one.

Gabe - you rock my friend! The BoB Hunt is awesome with some outstanding designers taking part in it. If you have done it you know of the quality and designs I am talking about. If you haven't done it....what are you waiting for - it finishes 14th February. Start at CheerNo and look for a box of undies.

Just because it is aimed at the guys doesn't mean you ladies can't look sexy in the items either. I picked a few favourites from the bundles I collected and I have to tell you - to me...there is something ultra sexy about a chick in Y-Fronts and a singlet. I'll let you be the judge.

BoB Gift from PEER

Zebra Undies in grey, pink and green. These are so, so cute and so cheeky. Just adorable!
Pose: Model #214 and Model #221 from SEmotion Studios

BoB Gift from MF Designs

Retro Low Net Boxer Briefs in orange, white, pride, soft pride, aqua and gold. Very cheeky briefs and a little daring at the back.
Pose: Model #57 from SEmotion Studios

BoB Gift from Concrete Flowers

Mixed Briefs Pack in vintage, ribbon, sunflowers and stars. I just love how cute these briefs are.
Pose: Standing hand on hip from Studio Sidhe, Fantasy Fae from [LAP] and Model #52 from Semotion Studios.

BoB Gift from four.arsenic

Pirate Life Boxers in green, red, grey, purple and blue. Very simple but also very cute. With the skull and cross bones on the hip. A sort of grungy/punk feel to these ones.
Pose: Melancholy 13 from *Luth* (DSN Subscribo) {*}

BoB Gift from Robbish

:Rob: - Coal Shorts and :Rob: - White shorts. Both come in a plain and a sheer version. The detail on these is spot on and high quality. I can see I'm going to get a lot of good use out of these ones.
Pose: Model #168 and Model #206 from SEmotion Studio

I could keep taking photos and show you all of the items as they are seriously worth it. But I would be here all day wtih the amount there are. This should be a taster enough for you to go ahead and do the hunt if you haven't already.

Happy Hunting

Other items to mention that are in each photo:
Skin: Imani from Laqroki
Ears: Mystic Ears from *~*Illusions*~*
Hair: Aveda Crop in Noir from ETD
Shirt: Bow Tank in White from *Dreams* {*}

{*} Items denoted with this symbol are either free from DSN Subscribo, Donated from Shop Owner, Gift or Blog Package from shop owner.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

What's in a name - A Bloggers Challenge

Ok folks. I am about to put out my very first challenge. I'm not sure how many of you will actually go through with it. But I couldn't resist.

I was sitting at home, bored with no one online to bug, I mean hang out with. I decided to have a surf through XStreet and on a whim I typed in my name to see what was out there. I was actually surprised to find a lot of things referenced back to my name. Now one thing I must mention here though, is that I spell my name with a "U". So when I searched in XStreet I searched for things called "Aurora".

And that's when it came to me. I was reading a post recently on Alicia's blog where she asked for someone to come up with a new challenge. Why not, I thought to myself. I've never set a challenge before and this seemed something different and unsual. I many bloggers out there will be able to follow through with this completely I wonder.

The above picture is me wearing all items called Aurora or Arora. The only this that is not, is my shape - I kept my original shape. The top is the Ballet Sweater from as I was unable to find a top called Aurora/Arora.

I'm sending out a challenge to all bloggers to see if you can put together a complete outfit that has been named the same as your SL name. Different spellings are a given as we all don't spell the same ie: Britney - Brittany, Jenny - Jennie, Chris - Chrys etc. Can you do it? Skin, Shape, Eyes, Hair, Clothing, Shoes, Accessories - you name long as it has the same name as your SL name.

Good luck to any that follow through with this. And if you could post a link to you blog in my comments so I can check them out that would be great. Will be interesting to see wht others come up with.

Me on the other hand....I'm not too sure about the new me. Think I preferred the old me and will be going back to normal.

What I'm wearing:

Skin: Aurora Skin 9, from *CC*
Hair: Aurora Blonde E, from Magika
Eyes: Aurora, from Charismatika
Skirt, Braces, Neck Scarf and Shoes: Celtic Plaids Kilt Set Aurora, from Entropys
Top: Ballet Sweater in berry, from
Poses: Full length - Model #21, from SEmotion Studio
Close up - Standing hand on hip, from Studio Sidhe

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Faux Pas, do you?

Today's blog is bought to you by none other than a walking Fashion Faux Pas. But do I make my faux pas' look good enough to pass as an accepted member of society within Second Life?

As stated on Free Dictionary, a faux pas is a gaffe, slip, blooper, blunder, boo-boo, botch, bungle, foul-up, fuck-up, an embarassing mistake. Something I am sure we have all done, no?

Recently I was given the opportunity to write as a fashion blogger for Avatar Weekly. A small job in SL that I feel quite chuffed to have been given the privilege of fulfilling. Now I haven't been blogging for long. And the blogs that I have done have all been for myself. A way to just blab about thing I like and hope that maybe one day they will be read.

One thing that really gets up my nose other bloggers paying out on each other. We are not all perfect. No one is perfect. And if they think or say that they are, they are only fooling themselves and lying to the rest of the world. We are human, to err is to be human. Yes we live our lives in the virtual world of Second Life. But there are living, breathing humans making those avatars operational.

Now as I mentioned, I am now writing for Avatar Weekly. After a recent post was published it was bought to my attention that another blogger was criticizing pictures on blogs that featured 'bling' in them. *gasps*....the room goes quiet as the tumbleweeds drift by.

This blog is in no way aimed at the blogger for making their comment. For all I know, I could have a massive ego and assume that they have read my blog post...but who knows. There are heps of blogs out there that the comment could be referred to. But in any case it struck a raw nerve.

I don't have all the fancy, expensive clothes and shoes in SL. I don't have all the top designers from around the grid on my friends list. I don't blow wind up their shirts and blog about them left right and centre and get freebies from them to blog about in future. I spend my own lindens, which I struggle to make and I purchase nice clothes and shoes from the lesser known brands that are still just as bloody good if not better in some instances. And yes, slap a set of handcuffs on me and take me away, I sometimes fuck-up and forget to take off the bling. It takes all sorts to make the world go round and I am just one of those sorts.

So if in future you read a blog, see a flicker post, a plurk comment, someones profile in SL and to 'YOUR' eyes it's imperfect. Just stop and think for a minute.....have I ever had a day where I have stuffed up and someone has sat back and probably thought the exact same things about me. Because I would bet my bottom dollar on it there are people out there that will say yes.

We all need to get our start somewhere in life. Some of us in SL are fortunate enough to be naturally talented. Some of us have to work hard at it. For those that have the natural talent...or are lucky enough to have good friends make you look good.....try not to step on us little ones in future. After all, it is us that read your blogs, buy your designs and help you live the life you are getting accustomed to.

Hair - Brianna, Scarlet by Sirena
Eyes - Beloved Turqoise by Beloved Designs
Nose Pencils by Reek
Shirt - OMG / STFU Girls Tees by Reek
Shorts - Hot Pants in white by Redgrave
Shoes and Socks - Super Sneaks Platform Wedge by MK Fashion
Bandaids - Ouch! Bandaid knees by Reek
Poses - Flip Off by [LAP] & Girl Sit animation (dz738) from Kuso

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The 'Past' meets the 'Present'

Ok, so Sophia Harlow sent out a bloggers challenge. Now anyone that knows me, knows it's not a good thing to give me a challenge or to dare me to do something. I'm like a bull staring down a red flag.

Now this challenge was a little tricky for me. I have swapped accounts since I first joined SL. Not sure whether this is a "luckily" or an "unluckily"...but I had transferred over everything that I could when I changed accounts. And for some strange reason when I lost my inventory a few months back.....I managed to not lose some of my early things! But after a bit of searching and a trip back down memory I am, or should that be was?

I was a tad shorter in those days. I hadn't quite lost my puppy fat and found my curves. Nor had I discovered flexi hair. What was I thinking?!? Now believe it or not....frankly it probably isn't all that unbelievable, but I used the noob skin and hair for quite some time thinking I looked fine. And I lived in clothes and shoes from Sarah's Freebies. Hey...I was new with no job or home!

Ahhhh...that's better, I found my curves! These days I tend to change my skin depending on my outfit, so I have a few skins (32 folders). My shape doesn't tend to change all that often. Although I do have a few spares that I will dust of now and then.

These days I can be found grid hopping from store to store in search of my next outfit. I have a few favourites that I frequent though. Like Luna's Boutique. She has everything - underwear, swimwear, casual, sporty, grungy, rock, punk, evening wear, etc. In this picture I'm wearing the Winter Dress in grey, which comes with black leggings and prim collar. The shoes are Shandra v2 with Tita Toes in Dark Wood / Black from Pixel Mode.

It certainly was fun to reminisce. Try it. You'll have a good laugh.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Do you love Science Fiction as much as I do? Do you wish you could make jaws drop by wearing a rocking outfit? Would you believe me if I told you that this cost $0L?

Alpha.Tribe - catering to all fantasy and science fiction types across the SL Grid.

Anatomia will turn heads, make people stare at you, cause others to walk into walls as they try to check you out while walking around. It is an absolute eye opener. Well stomach opener. But we'll get there in a minute.

There are 2 skin options. PG - shown here, and non PG (nipples'n'nether regions). Horns with intricate texturing detail from atop your head. A belt hangs from your waist with the most bizarre of details.....drawings of internal organs and descriptions. Now that's a way to accessorize. The left leg is open, baring your bones to the SL World - as are your shoulders. The shoulders come with two sets. You can chose to have a metal design, or bones like on your leg. Why not mix and match and have one of each? Now we come to the stomach. This is by far my favourite part of this avatar. Your spine is exposed, extending from the top of your avatar's id section and disappearing down into the lower half. There looks to be part of the pelvis protruding and even moving parts swirling around. The amount of work that has gone into this avatar simply amazes me....and it's FREE!

Alpha.tribe have many different avatars for you to choose from in both male and female packs. Starting from $0L up to the most expensive at around the $600L mark. There are a stack of $1L fantasy skins on the lower flower, and don't forget to check out the top floor for some new releases.

Poses by Couverture

Friday, January 1, 2010

Couverture & Maitreya

My first shopping spree of the new year took me Couverture, by Chocolate Arashi, in Padan.

A friend had recently plurked about wanting to "oogle friends in them" and by the looks of the pics he had posted, I had to go check out the designs for myself.

Of the 9 odd outfits I purchased, my favourite has to be the Zephyr. The dress shown is the White version (also available in Wistaria, Amber, Coral Pink and Green).

Chocolate's attention to the little details is stunning. All of her outfits can be dressed up or down to suit the situation. Prim attachments for each outfit come with all possibilities of attachment points in the one folder. With one set of "no scripts" and one set with resize scripts. This girl thinks of everything!

Of course every new dress deserves a new pair of shoes. Now I must admit when it comes to shoes I am quite picky and tend to stick to the ones I have known for a while. So when reading through the list of "Best of SL" on my plurk line I went and checked out some of the nominees for Best Female Shoe Designers.

Maitreya where have you been all my SLife. These shoes are just fabulous and reasonably priced. The hard choice now was which ones do I buy?

After perusing the many shelves I came across the Frenzy stiletto straps with open toes. Choosing the pearl colour I flew home to try on my new outift. These shoes were made for this dress!

All in all my new years shopping spree ended on a high and I am quite happy to say that I LOVE my new clothes and shoes.

Hair by Magika - Suweet, Black C

Dress by Couverture - Zephyr, White

Shoes by Maitreya - Frenzy, Pearl

Poses by Couverture