Friday, January 1, 2010

Couverture & Maitreya

My first shopping spree of the new year took me Couverture, by Chocolate Arashi, in Padan.

A friend had recently plurked about wanting to "oogle friends in them" and by the looks of the pics he had posted, I had to go check out the designs for myself.

Of the 9 odd outfits I purchased, my favourite has to be the Zephyr. The dress shown is the White version (also available in Wistaria, Amber, Coral Pink and Green).

Chocolate's attention to the little details is stunning. All of her outfits can be dressed up or down to suit the situation. Prim attachments for each outfit come with all possibilities of attachment points in the one folder. With one set of "no scripts" and one set with resize scripts. This girl thinks of everything!

Of course every new dress deserves a new pair of shoes. Now I must admit when it comes to shoes I am quite picky and tend to stick to the ones I have known for a while. So when reading through the list of "Best of SL" on my plurk line I went and checked out some of the nominees for Best Female Shoe Designers.

Maitreya where have you been all my SLife. These shoes are just fabulous and reasonably priced. The hard choice now was which ones do I buy?

After perusing the many shelves I came across the Frenzy stiletto straps with open toes. Choosing the pearl colour I flew home to try on my new outift. These shoes were made for this dress!

All in all my new years shopping spree ended on a high and I am quite happy to say that I LOVE my new clothes and shoes.

Hair by Magika - Suweet, Black C

Dress by Couverture - Zephyr, White

Shoes by Maitreya - Frenzy, Pearl

Poses by Couverture

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