Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Do you know where your hair is?

I'm going to start my blog off a little backwards today and pay a big thankyou to those that deserve the credit for this blog post.

Firstly to Sanura Snowpaw, owner and designer of *Dreams*, for her awesome 'Boys are stupid' tees. She goes to so much effort in creating her clothes and has on occassion asked my opinion on her designs (which to me is a huge compliment that she would value what I have to say) her designs are original, fun and fantastic.

Secondly to Chase Zelin, owner and designer of ~Sinsity~ poses. A fantastic guy, sweet, charming and would bend over backwards to help out his friends. His poses are unique and high quality. He knows how to bend your avatar without the kinks and awful twists in the joints that some poses can tend to put you in.

Both of these people are genuine designers that love what they do and put so much passion and effort in to their work and it really shows.

Now on to the real reason for this blogpost. I will start off by saying that no hair or skin in this blog post gets any credit what-so-ever. I have not adjusted prims to sit, I have not taken care in deleting backgrounds to make it look aesthetically pleasing, I have been messy and just thrown this together. But with good cause.

The pictures you see below are ALL copybotted hair and skin! There are some truly fabulous designers name in this mix that have had their hair snatched out from under neath their noses and given away for free and with full permissions.

Just sit back for a minute and take a look at the work that has been done here. The hours and hours of time it has taken someone to piece these hairs together, texture them get them just right......and someone comes along and just copies it without a care in the world and throws it around like it is yesterdays news.

I have sent notices to the designers who hair I recognised. Or whose brand name was still attached. The hair shown here I have no idea who the original designer/creator is.

If you recognise any of these styles please contact me so that I may pass on the information to the designer/creator.

It makes me sick to think that I was given a box of hair that contained around 200 hair styles...all full perm and none of them the original designers/creators.

In amongst the hair styles was this one skin. It is called lilly but I have no idea whose it is. and again it is full perm.

This copybot bullshit needs to stop. Please help me in finding the owners of these hairstyles so that we can all put in AR's on the inconsiderate asses.

A big thank you to all those creators out there. The original designers of SL that put so much hard work and effort in to their designs.


  1. I see a lot of Magika and the two with cowboy hats are Gritty Kitty for sure but Noam Sprocket is giving them away now because he knows they have been botted.

  2. I see a few Deviant Kitties styles as well...

  3. The skin is Redgrave I belive. I see hair from Magika, Gritty Kitty, and Sixty-Nine.

  4. Thanks Addi, Southie and Sileny....I'll contact the designers.

  5. GEMINI is doing something to combat this. Please keep your ear out for some news within the week.

  6. I am sure I recognise some Calla and ETD in there too - the one with the beanie hat is one I was looking at recently!!

    As a creator it makes me sick to think that LL still hasn't come up with a way to get rid of the copybots :S

  7. I see some Deviant Kitties, Cake, Shop Seu and Detour too. Assholes, unbelievable.

  8. ETD
    Deviant Kitty
    Sixty Nine
    Naughty Designs

    That's all I can recognize off the top of my head. Sorry if I repeated any :)

    It's nice to see a post against copybotting. I'm so tired of reading about "witch hunts". I understand innocent people can be accused because of paranoia, however, if copybotting wasn't so rampant and we had a better way to protect our hours of labor in designing, we wouldn't have to be so paranoid to begin with. At this point, all I can do is hope to see a light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel. Thanks so much for speaking out!

  9. In copybot3.png: The blonde in the middle at the bottom with the bits at the front and the bun is from Maitreya, the black hair at the top with the white band is from ETD.

    In copybot6.png: The purple hair with the slides is from Deviant Kitties.

    Thats aLl I know at the mo sorries :)

  10. There are some Zero Style ones in there too as well as Shop Seu

  11. One of the hairs are Shop Seu. Second Image, Bottom Row - #6 over.

  12. Hi I know ETD had big copybot problems - I guess many of the ones copyboted back then are going around the blocks. Definately Hairs here shown from cake hair, waka yuki maybe, armidi, tiny bird (maybe) deviant kittys
    i ones ran into a box like this in a shop stamped as freebie - I reported it to Lindens straight away and it was taken down. Shop owner "didn´t know about it"
    Its a good thing that you show the copyboted hairs this way to help idendify the designers. Why not put the picks in a Notecard and give out to hairshops or in fashion groups like fashion emergency.

  13. I see Shop Seu, Zero Style, Detour, Raq (Laqroki?) I think.

  14. Definitely Cake, Detour, ::69::, and others that have been named already.

  15. thanks everyone.....I have been sending out notecards left right and centre all the designers I can think off. Much appreciated for th other names. Some of these I didn't have yet.

  16. Thank you for your effort on this. I sent you a message in world, but I thought I'd post here too because this involves a lot of creators. In trying to track it down a stolen style of mine I saw someone wearing today, I found a freebie place that had a box with 9 note cards FULL of full permission hair that had been dropped on the cards. I counted over 275 styles. Basically, if you make hair, you probably have something here.

    The "creator" names match the ones you have, with quite a few more that aren't on that list.

    Creators, if you want the LM of the box to report it, please contact me in-world. I don't want to publish it for more people to go get. After crying and then getting angry, I called LL who said to file AR's on several objects there and say in the AR that most of the objects that this location are copybotted/exploited. No idea what if any good will come of it, but I'm passing it along.
    I've filed AR's and will be filing DMCAs on my own styles that were here, but more ARs and DMCAs would help. Here are some of the shops that had hair in here. In some cases I'm not familiar with the abbreviations, but I'll list them as they are.

    ETD, Magika, The Abyss, Sirena, Maitreya, mine (Calla), Cake, Eat Rice, Naughty Designs, Armidi, Truth, :HCT:, RAC, Laqroki, [BF], MMS Hair

    There are a LOT that have been renamed things like "bandeau degrade rouge FILLE" and "blue hood - Mahogany" or "loiro novo muuuito lindo" and "cabelo somethingorotherhere."

    It's really disheartening to see all this hard work. What a way to spend a Friday night.

  17. I'm happy to say that I think I have managed to contact just about all creators that were copied here. I think there may be one or two designs unaccounted for.

    I just want to thank you all for your help in identifying these hairstyles and helping me contact the designers. All were most happy to hear that there are people out there doing the right thing and stopping this.

    Thanks again