Saturday, February 20, 2010

An Apology

No more drama queen freak out from me. I would just like to formally apologise to Skills Hak for the way this turned out. It was not my intention to bring the system down as I have been saying from the beginning. Merely to get to the bottom of why I was branned wrongly.

After finally getting in to SL last night I was able to speak to Skills - who was very polite and understanding and we spoke at length about the situation which I am happy to say has been rectified.

I can resume my shopping without fear of being sent home again.


  1. I'm not sure why you're apologizing. There are obviously flaws in the system of which people need to be made aware.

  2. I don't understand the apology either, but of course up to you. You're not the only one this has happened to. I'm certain the fact that you are a blogger and very open about your anti-copying stance was a factor in the rectification. What about those that aren't though? I have worries about the average shopper thats wrongly accused as the creator has told everyone that this system is flawless and that everyone who's identified is guilty without a doubt and they are all "good liars"
    Glad your situation worked out well...though might want to check if you can get into Magika since Skills confirmed twice to Sabina that you're a ripper lol

  3. The apology was for the way everything went way out of control. Yes I am pissed because my name is now splashed everywhere as a bad person. I went to a masquerade ball on the weekend and knew no one, not even a friend of a friend and yet as soon as I walked in the room the talk turned to me because someone recognised my name.
    It is going to take a long time for this to pass if ever and for me to get my name back as not being a bad person.
    I am all for a system like this in place. If it works properly and there are proper ways for an appeal. I felt I was treated unfairly and unjust. Since I am a forgiving person and the situation was sorted I felt I would apologise for the way things went. I am still unhappy yes. I am still going through the nightmare of having people IM me accusing me. My list of people muted is slowly growing and my list of places to visit is slowly decreasing. All because of this. BUT - Skills and I finally managed to talk and it was sorted.
    I 'had' nothing against Magika and Deviant Kitties. There were just trying to protect their designs which is a good thing. Since all this has happened I have received not only a comment on my blog but also an IM from Sabina both negative and accusing. I was planning on returning there as I help no grudge against her. Now I may change my mind. But Deviant Kitties is still on my places to visit. Helyanwe has had to deal with drama over this too. But she has not resorted to the low comments like others have and I still have loads of respect for her.
    I am a genuine and honest person. And as such I can be a bigger person and apoogise for things getting out of control when I start them. Be nice if there were others in this that could apologise as well. But I guess I can;t ask for everything. Getting my name rightfully removed was a major task, I should just be happy with that.

  4. If you ask me, you got a bit too defensive for some reason... And the "stolen password" story i read in the other comments sounds strange. I think you had something to hide and the maker of the product helped you keeping it that way because you were nice to her. She basically saved your ass

  5. Mark you're either totally oblivious or someone's alt. Everyone who reads your comment can decide for themselves LOL

  6. Yes I did get show me an innocent person put into my position who wouldn't get defensive to clear their name. I offered proof that I was not guilty, Skills removed my name. And I hardly call dumping her in all this shit being nice to her. Either way. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond.

  7. I'm right there with ya Arora..I'm trying to get off the "list" right now as we speak. Guess I won't be spending anymore $L in all the stores that I love so much..This system is horrible.