Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Just Wanna Curl Up & Dye

Ever have one of those mornings where you want to curl up under your blanket and let the world pass you by? I've had a few of them lately.

After doing my post about the copybotted hair I was determined to go check out some of the shops that had been mentioned. One in particular was Curl Up & Dye. I went there for one purpose, and that was to buy myself the outlandish hairdo with the giant curlers.

Not only did I get my hairdo that I wanted but I had a look around the store, which by the way is like a little maze of corridors and stairs all leading to another room that you didn't see before, and ended up leaving with two outfits as well.

Considering I have been having "one of those mornings" almost every day lately, when I saw this outfit I just had to get it to accompany my new hair. The outfit itself does come with a hairstyle not quite as 'big' as the one shown.

The 'Angry Housewife' bathrobe and slippers comes with curling iron and hairdryer. And these little weapons are even scripted to draw (held in each hand as shown) or sheath (siting in the pockets of the robe as shown) and will even cause damage in the right sim.

My choice of hair was the 'Tangles' in cherry colour. You can have the brush hanging from the side tangle or not. Obviously the name gives it away, but this is the messy option of the curler looks at CU&D.

This is one woman you do not want to cross first thing in the morning before she has her coffee.

Now even though I was out shopping for hair I couldn't pass this outfit up. I have absolutely no idea where or even if I will ever wear it again. But I couldn't leave without taking it with me. The 'Confused, Man I Sorta Feel Like a Woman' comes with a male/female skin and the clothing - Dress/Suit top, Skirt, Pants and shoes. CU&D also have a hair for this outfit in the store call Boy-Girl but I opted to wear my own. You don't have to wear the skin it comes with, as shown it still works perfectly fine with my normal skin.

Curl Up & Dye have a large selection of hair styles to suit just about any outfit plus clothing and accessories. You can pick up the outfit and the hair to match all in the one store.

Angry House Wife

Hair: Tangles - Cherry by CU&D

Skin: Acorn Elf Soot by Curio

Outfit: Angry Housewife Robe by CU&D

Confused Man I Feel Sorta Like a Woman

Hair: Jimmy Whitewash Chalk by Bryce Designs (colours modified by myself)

Skin: Skin from Confused Outfit by CU&D
Acorn Elf Soot by Curio

Outfit: Confused Man I Feel Sorta Like a Woman by CU&D

Poses: Model Pack from SEmotion
Prim Skirt Pose from Couveture