Friday, February 26, 2010

If I could be anyone for a day......

I would be Sanura Snowpaw. I cannot express just how much this woman means to so many people. She had a dream....and she made that dream come true in the form of her store, *Dreams*.

Not only is she talented in her designs, she is beyond a doubt on of the most loyal friends I have met in my time in SL, compassionate, kind, caring, funny, adorable and sexy.

To walk a day in her shoes in SL would be an experience and then some. This post came about from someone starting on plurk the - "If you could log in as me for a day, what would you do". It got me thinking about the friends I had on my list and what I would do if I were them. That's when I came across a folder I have set aside of blog packages received. Can you believe the generosity of this lady. She hands out her latest designs to god knows how many bloggers she has in her little black book. Just gives them away. All that hard work and hours she puts in.

So I find myself staring a folder full of the latest goodies at *Dreams*. Sanura has branched out from her collars and Tee's into piercings. This pack of lip rings are just too cute, with a charm to suit most styles, occasions and likes.

Sanura was asking the other day questions surrounding "Less Than Three". Now when she does this it is usually in regards to a new design. So she had me stumped as to what that could have to do with a new design. So I eagerly awaited the new release. And I love them. And of course as with all her designs she releases them in a wide range of colours to suit all tastes.

To match your lip rings why not grab a belly piercing. I'm not belly piercing kind of girl normally. I find most of the belly piercings in SL just don't suit me, are too big, too small, could stun a blind man with their bling or are too dull. Sanura hasn't gone overboard but these stand out.

If you could walk a day in anyones shoes I suggest you try this lovely ladies. Of course make sure you aren't allergic to cat fur since she has paws not shoes.

I "Less Than Three" you Sanu honey. Thank you for being an awesome designer and a truly wonderful person.

Hair: Punk in Black by ((Junwave))
Skin: Acorn, Dark Elf Soot by Curio
Eyes: Basic Blue Deep by Eponym
Bra and Boxers: Valerian Dahlia picked up on the Boxers or Briefs Hunt
Poses: Model #205 by SEmotion Studio
Strut your Pose #1 by ~Sinsity~ (only available on Xstreet at the moment)


  1. I'm speachless all I can say is I less than three you sweets <3

  2. and Where's my Less Than 3 Shirt?

  3. You could have chosen no better :) Sanura is a class act from beginning to end.