Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I was 'trying' to sort out my inventory the other night and came across the awesome halloween inspired snowglobe home that Isabeal Jupiter was kind enough to give to me as a gift.  I put it aside ready to do a blog post for it and then promptly got sidetracked and forgot =(  So I found it ironic that the day I log in ready to get to blogging her snowglobe that I find yet another gift from her aptly titled 'Ironic'.

So yes I am slightly late with the halloween blogging - however! - With a quick modification the halloween house is simply an old eerie house in amongst the trees.  When I say modification, I removed the jack-o-lantern and rat from the front door stop.  Simple as that.

This gorgeous little house is actually inside the 'snowglobe' with the inner walls of the globe looking like stormy clouds that move around the sky.  There is ample room around the house for you to remove the trees and add your own, or even just add to what is there.  There's even enough room out back for a pool!

Inside is actually bigger than it looks from first glance outside.  With a nice big open living area downstairs and a cute little loft bedroom upstairs.

So with my new ironic hipster inspired tunic, I'm all ready to get decorating and move into my new little home.....if only I could find a place to put it (sorry to those shopping at Somnia today if they looked up and saw a huge globe floating above the store, and Sanura I PROMISE I cleaned up after myself!)

A Netherworld - Halloween Sky Dome

What Arora is wearing
Shape: My Own
Skin: Curio Acorn Frex [Light] Elf Soot 2
Hair: [e] Changes - Red 2
Eyes: Aphotic Gloom - Aquilius Eyes - Tirablue
Glasses: Artilleri - Buddy Glasses
Tunic: A Netherworld - Ironic Tunic
Shoes: ::Trixxy's Shop::  Aces Chucks

Pictures 1, 2 & 3 from {exposeur} - Hispter Pack
Picture 4 from {exposeur} - I <3 The 80's.

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