Friday, November 18, 2011

I need this dre.....OMG SHOES!!!!

As do most of my random moments......todays mission started with a plurk!'

Some how, some where I stumbled upon pictures of Sleepy Hollow movie costumes and it all went downhill from there. So like I do - I ventured to plurk to ask if anyone knew of a creator that had made the gorgeous dress that Christina Ricci wore in the movie. Apparently having a random cleanout of your plurk friends list and narrowing it down to 60 odd people leaves very little in the way of getting a response. Oops, my bad! OH SANUUUUUURRRRRAAAAA....... please replurk my plurk because I 'KNOW'you have a huge amount of creators in your list *bats eyelashes*. She's the best!

Sanura's replurk lead to a few suggestions so off I toddled to a list of stores in search of this dress. I was on a mission and NOTHING was going to stop me! First stop - Evie's Closet. Oooo would you look at that cute crown and collar set, what was I here for again? yeah, nothing is gonna stop me, huh?!

After traipsing around Evie's Closet and buying NOTHING that I actually went there for (blog to come soon on that spending spree!) I went to a few other stores and ended up in Dilly Dolls. Shame on me for never having shopped there before! Now this entire time, I might add, Sanura and I are in a skype conversation and I'm rambling randomly on little things I find and she happens to mention that she knows Dilly Dolls is having a sale at the moment.....and that she makes awesome shoes. Bad combination of words in one sentence - Shoes & Sale!

So there I am....standing in a room FULL of shoes...and they are all 60% off. Oh which ones to choose? Hell, I'm just gonna buy one of EVERYTHING! Not to mention buying one pair of shoes twice and then SL eating my delivery - But the awesome brain behind Dilly Dolls, Miss Oriana Kuhr, was ever so kind and helpful in fixing up my blonde moment, and I got my shoes redelivered!

Now I had 3 neat little packages of shoes. BUT - here is the best part ladies - each pair comes in 8 different colours AND with the options of changing soles, straps and tinting......the colour combinations are endless! You think I would stop there right......wrong! I keep wandering the store in search of this elusive dress and stumble upon something just as wonderful.

A corset dress & god knows how many pairs of shoes later I head home completely forgetting about the dress I was in search for. I start unpacking and all of these new goodies overwhelms me to the point of needing blog tension release.

There I am, trying on all my newness and Sanura's awesome brain goes into overdrive telling me I need new horns to go with my new outfit! The best part, she's going to make me some (stay tuned Somnia peeps, Horns will be released soon). I busy myself in making sure my avvie looks just right and I start throwing shoes around the room trying to get dressed while Sanura makes my new horns. Happy Face!


....and more shoes! Oh and boots!

Now after all that, I still cannot find a likeness of the black and white dress I started out looking for. But I am determined.

SKIN: CheerNo Femme Belina
SHAPE: My Own - the dress comes with alpha body so a slight modification was needed to suit the dress
HAIR: [e] Shine - Black
PIERCINGS: [-B-] Basic Piercings Pack - Monroe
HORNS: .:Somnia:. Rawr Horns {Black & Red}
EYES: negaposi Dreaming Eyes - Azur
LASHES: MIAMAI_XGen_Basic Lashes B Black
COLLAR: Evie's Closet Tuala Collar - Fortuna II
DRESS: Dilly Dolls - Davinia (comes complete with built in AO to hold the shape of the dress with stands, sits and walk)
SHOES: 1) Argyle Wedges
2) Stella Dollies (dark)
3) Briar Boots

** Update - I keep forgetting about mesh items versus sculpted apologies. All items in this post are Sculpted prims, however Dilly Dolls does have mesh dresses and boots out now \o/ **

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