Monday, November 14, 2011

Newbie Style Challenge II

I participated in this last year and had a heap of fun so I had to take up the Newbie Style Challenge Part II again this year.

Now I could have made a brand new account and used some of the stores that have free gifts for accounts under 30 days old. I wanted to actually make sure I HAD to spend money to set up an account so I broke out some newb accounts that I made simply to secure my name when the 'First name only' Resident accounts were started. There were covered in dust and cobwebs from never being used though so it was a definitely a big challenge.

Now I decided to do both a male and a female avatar look since I do use a male alt from time to time when doing photography shots so I already had places in mind to start looking for my shopping. I had originally just planned on leaving these on flickr (hence he info written down the side of the picture) but then I got my blogging bug back again.

Credits in full will be at the very bottom.

Male Avatar - Total Cost L$542

Shape: Made by me - L$0
Skin: Group Gift from *Heartsick* - L$0 (although, this is now a paid group to join)
Hair: [Uw.7R] Aj - Hair Meteoric - L$210
Eyes: .:Hermony:. - Eyes - Herbs - L$5
Ears & Horns: [-B-] Becoming the Bull - L$1 (tail not shown, but included in pack)
Piercing: [-B-] Basic Piercings Pack, Septum II - L$1 (packs comes with over 40 piercings)
Shirt: .:Somnia:. Imported From Real Life {Black} - L$75 (comes in a pack of 3 shirts with different 'Imported from' locations)
Jeans: *COCO*Homme_Geometric_PrintPants_Black - L$50
Boots: *COCO*Homme_Lace-Up_WorkBoots - L$200

Female Avatar - Total Cost L$381

Shape: Made by me - L$0
Skin: Group Gift from *Heartsick* (shown wearing the alpha Teeth layer) - L$50 (one time joining fee)
Eyes: .:Hermony:. - Eyes - Jungle - L$5
Lashes: MIAMAI_NoAlpha Lashes N01 - L$150
Hair: [e] Soft - Black - L$88 (special from COLLABOR88)
Dress: Ingenue ::Brie Dress:: Plum (mesh) - L$88 (special from COLLABOR88)
Shoes: *Patulas House Black & White Ribbon Heels (tinted to match my outfit) - L$0 (purchased from Marketplace)

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