Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I was 'trying' to sort out my inventory the other night and came across the awesome halloween inspired snowglobe home that Isabeal Jupiter was kind enough to give to me as a gift.  I put it aside ready to do a blog post for it and then promptly got sidetracked and forgot =(  So I found it ironic that the day I log in ready to get to blogging her snowglobe that I find yet another gift from her aptly titled 'Ironic'.

So yes I am slightly late with the halloween blogging - however! - With a quick modification the halloween house is simply an old eerie house in amongst the trees.  When I say modification, I removed the jack-o-lantern and rat from the front door stop.  Simple as that.

This gorgeous little house is actually inside the 'snowglobe' with the inner walls of the globe looking like stormy clouds that move around the sky.  There is ample room around the house for you to remove the trees and add your own, or even just add to what is there.  There's even enough room out back for a pool!

Inside is actually bigger than it looks from first glance outside.  With a nice big open living area downstairs and a cute little loft bedroom upstairs.

So with my new ironic hipster inspired tunic, I'm all ready to get decorating and move into my new little home.....if only I could find a place to put it (sorry to those shopping at Somnia today if they looked up and saw a huge globe floating above the store, and Sanura I PROMISE I cleaned up after myself!)

A Netherworld - Halloween Sky Dome

What Arora is wearing
Shape: My Own
Skin: Curio Acorn Frex [Light] Elf Soot 2
Hair: [e] Changes - Red 2
Eyes: Aphotic Gloom - Aquilius Eyes - Tirablue
Glasses: Artilleri - Buddy Glasses
Tunic: A Netherworld - Ironic Tunic
Shoes: ::Trixxy's Shop::  Aces Chucks

Pictures 1, 2 & 3 from {exposeur} - Hispter Pack
Picture 4 from {exposeur} - I <3 The 80's.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Somnia Passion

Need a bit of passion in your SLife? Looking for a new place to call home? Why not combine the pair and get yourself the Passion Sky Box from Somnia.

This cute little two story sky box comes complete with furniture. Or you can rez out just the house and decorate with your own furniture. All up the house is 163 prims unfurnished or 303 prims furnished (with the Somnia basic furnishings). Mind you the furniture items included are all copy so you can rez out multiples of them where needed.

I chose to leave it minimal and just threw out some cushions in the sunken area of the lower floor. Nice relaxing chat with the fireplace in the background.

Or get comfy with the corner chairs! Somnia even includes little accessories like the cigarettes and ashtray for those smokers out there. The little touches in furnishings make a difference I feel.

Upstairs has room enough for a bedroom area AND a bathroom and comes complete with a room divider if you want to seperate the two areas, or make a change room.

Now I chose to add in my own furnishings for the bathroom area and completed my little look with some cute accessories I was passed in a Bloggers Review pack from ::NzuriHouse::, alongside Exposeur's Blood Lust Tub.

A quaint little sky box for those that want something more than a rectangle one room home. Also a big thank you to Jynxi - the only person alive at the same time as me on SL (well on my friends list at least) that was able to come be a body for the pics in my little Passion Sky Box.

.:Somnia:. Passion Sky Box - Furnished
Bathroom Accessories - ::NzuriHome:: Script Bathroom Set
Tub - {exposeur} Blood Lust Tub - Clean

PICS 2 & 3
Skin: Curio Acorn Frex [Light] Elf-Soot 2
Shape: My Own
Hair: [e] Shine
Top: *Cupcakes - The Bandeau - Black
Jeans: ::EmJay:: Low Rider Capris
Tattoo: AITUI TATTOO - Cherry Blossoms Red

Skin: Curio Petal go-go
Shape: Her Own
Hair: Truth - Billie Joe
Top & Shorts: Apple May - Kami
Tattoo: Para Design - Sacred Heart

Skin: Curio Acorn Frex [Light] Elf-Soot 2
Shape: My Own
Hair: !lamb. Oh Sugar
Lingerie: ~Blacklace~ Belle: Red Satin

Skin: Curio Peta go-go
Shape: Her Own
Hair: Truth - Billie Joe
Lingerie: ~Blacklace~ Dark Temptation: Black Leather

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Once Upon A Time.....

This was one of the many wonders I found during my search for the Sleepy Hollow inspired dress (more to come on that - I finally have the dress!).

The first stop on my journey was Evie's Closet. An absolute wonderland of magical, fairytale inspiring gowns and accessories. If you haven't been there - you MUST add it to your To Do List.

I really don't want to detract from the stunning gown with matching Collar & Crown (sold seperately - but with all matching colours to the different variety of colours this dress comes in) so I'm hoping the photos do all the talking for me.

All I can think of when I wear this ensemble is Once Upon A Time - The Evil Queen. I feel a little Lana Parrilla at the moment. I don't know why, I just do. probably because it's one of my favourite shows at the moment. But obviously I have a little more ....... hmmm .... 'niceness' .... to me with the wings and delicate touches of flowers on the accessories. Evangeline Miles really does go all out with her designs and I'm so glad she does!

Shape: My Own
Skin: [CheerNo] Femme Belina - Tan
Hair: [e] Shine - Black
Eyes: Aphotic Gloom - Aquilius Eyes - Tirablue
Lashes: MIAMAI_NoAlpha Lashes_ N01
Ears: Panda Express - Lil's Elf Ears -Repent
Crown and Collar: Evie's Closet - Tuala - Crown & Collar - Fortuna II
Dress: Evie's Closet - Tuala Gown - Fortuna
Shoes: Dilly Dolls - Stella Dollies Dark - Red Option

Friday, November 18, 2011

I need this dre.....OMG SHOES!!!!

As do most of my random moments......todays mission started with a plurk!'

Some how, some where I stumbled upon pictures of Sleepy Hollow movie costumes and it all went downhill from there. So like I do - I ventured to plurk to ask if anyone knew of a creator that had made the gorgeous dress that Christina Ricci wore in the movie. Apparently having a random cleanout of your plurk friends list and narrowing it down to 60 odd people leaves very little in the way of getting a response. Oops, my bad! OH SANUUUUUURRRRRAAAAA....... please replurk my plurk because I 'KNOW'you have a huge amount of creators in your list *bats eyelashes*. She's the best!

Sanura's replurk lead to a few suggestions so off I toddled to a list of stores in search of this dress. I was on a mission and NOTHING was going to stop me! First stop - Evie's Closet. Oooo would you look at that cute crown and collar set, what was I here for again? yeah, nothing is gonna stop me, huh?!

After traipsing around Evie's Closet and buying NOTHING that I actually went there for (blog to come soon on that spending spree!) I went to a few other stores and ended up in Dilly Dolls. Shame on me for never having shopped there before! Now this entire time, I might add, Sanura and I are in a skype conversation and I'm rambling randomly on little things I find and she happens to mention that she knows Dilly Dolls is having a sale at the moment.....and that she makes awesome shoes. Bad combination of words in one sentence - Shoes & Sale!

So there I am....standing in a room FULL of shoes...and they are all 60% off. Oh which ones to choose? Hell, I'm just gonna buy one of EVERYTHING! Not to mention buying one pair of shoes twice and then SL eating my delivery - But the awesome brain behind Dilly Dolls, Miss Oriana Kuhr, was ever so kind and helpful in fixing up my blonde moment, and I got my shoes redelivered!

Now I had 3 neat little packages of shoes. BUT - here is the best part ladies - each pair comes in 8 different colours AND with the options of changing soles, straps and tinting......the colour combinations are endless! You think I would stop there right......wrong! I keep wandering the store in search of this elusive dress and stumble upon something just as wonderful.

A corset dress & god knows how many pairs of shoes later I head home completely forgetting about the dress I was in search for. I start unpacking and all of these new goodies overwhelms me to the point of needing blog tension release.

There I am, trying on all my newness and Sanura's awesome brain goes into overdrive telling me I need new horns to go with my new outfit! The best part, she's going to make me some (stay tuned Somnia peeps, Horns will be released soon). I busy myself in making sure my avvie looks just right and I start throwing shoes around the room trying to get dressed while Sanura makes my new horns. Happy Face!


....and more shoes! Oh and boots!

Now after all that, I still cannot find a likeness of the black and white dress I started out looking for. But I am determined.

SKIN: CheerNo Femme Belina
SHAPE: My Own - the dress comes with alpha body so a slight modification was needed to suit the dress
HAIR: [e] Shine - Black
PIERCINGS: [-B-] Basic Piercings Pack - Monroe
HORNS: .:Somnia:. Rawr Horns {Black & Red}
EYES: negaposi Dreaming Eyes - Azur
LASHES: MIAMAI_XGen_Basic Lashes B Black
COLLAR: Evie's Closet Tuala Collar - Fortuna II
DRESS: Dilly Dolls - Davinia (comes complete with built in AO to hold the shape of the dress with stands, sits and walk)
SHOES: 1) Argyle Wedges
2) Stella Dollies (dark)
3) Briar Boots

** Update - I keep forgetting about mesh items versus sculpted apologies. All items in this post are Sculpted prims, however Dilly Dolls does have mesh dresses and boots out now \o/ **

Monday, November 14, 2011

Newbie Style Challenge II

I participated in this last year and had a heap of fun so I had to take up the Newbie Style Challenge Part II again this year.

Now I could have made a brand new account and used some of the stores that have free gifts for accounts under 30 days old. I wanted to actually make sure I HAD to spend money to set up an account so I broke out some newb accounts that I made simply to secure my name when the 'First name only' Resident accounts were started. There were covered in dust and cobwebs from never being used though so it was a definitely a big challenge.

Now I decided to do both a male and a female avatar look since I do use a male alt from time to time when doing photography shots so I already had places in mind to start looking for my shopping. I had originally just planned on leaving these on flickr (hence he info written down the side of the picture) but then I got my blogging bug back again.

Credits in full will be at the very bottom.

Male Avatar - Total Cost L$542

Shape: Made by me - L$0
Skin: Group Gift from *Heartsick* - L$0 (although, this is now a paid group to join)
Hair: [Uw.7R] Aj - Hair Meteoric - L$210
Eyes: .:Hermony:. - Eyes - Herbs - L$5
Ears & Horns: [-B-] Becoming the Bull - L$1 (tail not shown, but included in pack)
Piercing: [-B-] Basic Piercings Pack, Septum II - L$1 (packs comes with over 40 piercings)
Shirt: .:Somnia:. Imported From Real Life {Black} - L$75 (comes in a pack of 3 shirts with different 'Imported from' locations)
Jeans: *COCO*Homme_Geometric_PrintPants_Black - L$50
Boots: *COCO*Homme_Lace-Up_WorkBoots - L$200

Female Avatar - Total Cost L$381

Shape: Made by me - L$0
Skin: Group Gift from *Heartsick* (shown wearing the alpha Teeth layer) - L$50 (one time joining fee)
Eyes: .:Hermony:. - Eyes - Jungle - L$5
Lashes: MIAMAI_NoAlpha Lashes N01 - L$150
Hair: [e] Soft - Black - L$88 (special from COLLABOR88)
Dress: Ingenue ::Brie Dress:: Plum (mesh) - L$88 (special from COLLABOR88)
Shoes: *Patulas House Black & White Ribbon Heels (tinted to match my outfit) - L$0 (purchased from Marketplace)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Guess who's back...............

So I've taken my SL break and have recently rejoined the masses on the grid. I was debating on whether I wanted to start blogging again....and look out - SL now has mesh and Rors has fallen madly in love with all the new goodies she can find.

So this is a very simple post to get me back in the game. I have a few posts lined up ready to throw at you over the next few days so keep your eyes peeled.

For now I leave you with my latest addition to my endless folder of avatars I seem to be collecting. the Unicorn avatar is a full set (tail not shown in this picture). I found the "Violent Seduction - Kirin (fat pack)" on the marketplace and instantly said to myself, 'I must have this!' and so I did. Much to my surprise, because I clearly did not read the entire description properly in my haste to add this to my purchases, the pack includes 5 different Unicorn avatar packs. There's Green, Teal, Pink, Purple and Yellow - and all for $1000L. BONUS!

So as with any new avatar purchase I had to have new hair and clothes so it was over to Sn@tch for my new skirt and top (top comes in a pack with jeans!) and then off to .ploom. for some awesome new hair. I apologise for the lack of names at this point as I am not logged in to Sl to check and my memory is failing me =( but I shall update later.

WOOOOOO it's good to be back!