Friday, January 20, 2012

52 WoC Challenge - Week 4, Iron

Destined to be a Crazy Cat lady!
So this week I went a little different with my pic and I included some of the things I love best in SL.  Enjoy =)

52 WoC - Week 4, Iron

Skin:  +>A&A<+ Silver Chat Love Skin
Eyes:  Negaposi - Dreaming Eyes - Grave
Feet:  SLink Jolie Pied Barefoot Medium
Hair:   [e] Rumor
Top:  Nomine Noir Set - Shirt
Panties:  Flirt - Bow - White Panties
Lounge:  : :AB ::  Oversized Knit Couch
Rug:  LISP - Retro Urchin Rug

And for those KittyCatS lovers out there.  From left to right, top to bottom.....the kittys are -
Bengal Silver
Blue Taggy
Burmese Platinum
Chateau Grey & White No.2
Burmese Platinum
Chateau Grey & White No. 2
Snowshoe Bluepoint
Blue Tabby


  1. Adorable and you kept with the color scheme! Love it! =)

  2. Cats!! Lol I really love the one stretching out on the right side. So cute!

  3. Cats are so adorable! I love the crazy cat lady photo!

  4. That's what happens, they take up the whole couch and you have to lie across the back! Lovely photo!

  5. OMG I didnt think about that.. At least one of mine would have fit the "Ion" bill. How CUUUUUUTE!

  6. Awesome shot, I love the little one getting his/her tummy rubbed.

  7. the huge grey cat lover ... lol funny post..bye bye Nic

  8. Awwh! I have a black cat IRL so to me this is so precious. :-D