Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Shopping on a budget

Just a little blog with a heap of pictures for m little shopping trip today.  I was a tad bored and decided to do a 'shop on a budget' theme.  For this post I'll do one for the guys.  I'll just apologise now for the lack of continuity in the backgrounds in my pictures today.  My graphics card was being funky for some reason!

I managed to put this outfit together for $L602.  that was including buying a $L250 hair that I reused in the next outfit.  Hair always seems to be the most expensive so keep your eyes open for those sales.

All of these goodies, except the hair, were found at two rather neat little discount areas.  The first being SERAPHIM.  A room with a bunch of ' for sale'  boards that different stores put an item out...FOR FREE.  

Simply head on over to SERAPHIM (LM at the bottom) join the group at the group joiner then wander the room and touch the boards with items that you might like.  All completely free!

Next stop was the XYROOM Discount area.  Whilst I didn't check out the cost of EVERYTHING there, I believe it's all under $L100.  I picked up a heap of things but didn't include them all here.  I'll save them for another post.

So with my new outfits complete it was time to track down a hair.  I think I went to about 8 different mens hair stores and it seemed pretty average to pay between $L200 and $L270 for a standard pack of hair that included 4 - 5 shades.  I settled on this awesome little number with hat included from [Shag].  The hair comes in two versions, one with 'bangs' and one without (shown).

So all in all not a bad little shopping trip when the second outfit cost me $L434 (taking out the cost of the eyes and hair as I used them in both).  It's very easy to get things cheap, that are good quality.  You just need to know where to look.

Shape: My Own  $L0
Skin:  [: najl designs :] NAJL Gift from Seraphim $L0
Eyes:  .:Hermony:. -Eyes - Herbs $L5
Hair:  [Shag] - Boys Don't Cry  $L250
Necklace: **CALAVERA** - Collana Unisex necklace  $L99
Top:  {four} shirt for XYroom $L99
Pants:  .::CENSORED::. Cargo Shorts_XYROOM  $L50
Shoes:  | ALEIDA | Alaska boot (M) - nature $L99

Shape:  My Own  $L0
Skin:  {.essences.} Ramses skin *medium (comes with and without hair base)  $L99
Eyes:  .:Hermony:. -Eyes - Herbs $L5
Hair:  [Shag] - Boys Don't Cry  $L250
Top:  Wallflower: Wintery Male Sweater $L60
Pants:  .:Somnia:. Basic Jeans {Black}  $L200 (for a pack of 8 colours)
Shoes:  XYROOM - AZOURY -Boots Flore Rouge $L75

Find your shopping items here:

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