Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fantasy Faire 2010

Let the countdown begin. With only 3 weeks until the opening of this years Fantasy Faire - creators are busy designing new products specially for the Faire. With 8 sims packed with the top designers of SL, there is bound to be something for anyone.

Need an excuse to fight the lag and go shopping - The fight for a cure for Cancer. Come show your support and buy a Relay For Life product at the Fantasy Faire.

Most of you are probably wondering who is going to be there this year. Well hear it here first . There are only a few empty spots left but we envisage these to fill up soon.

The outfits you see below are from just a few of the designers that will be at the fair this year. (Outfits shown are not necessarily going to be on show at the faire but can be found in the main store.) The full list of designers showcasing their products can be found at the bottom of this post.

Harlequin Boots, Belt, Gloves, Neck Ruffle, Cap and Marotte from *~*Illusions*~*

Nathalie in Green from Evies Closet

Lysi from ~silentsparrow~

Fire Salamander Skin from Fallen Gods Inc.

Tied with a bow in Snowy White Ears & Tail, Starry Lip Rings Set, Starry Belly Ring, Pocket Cort Shorts {Black}, Starry Halter Tank {PURPLE} & Diamond Bow Buckle Collar from *Dreams*

Garfield Cute Cat complete outfit with Shoulder Odie, Tigger Cute Cat complete Outfit, Hello Kitty Cute Cat complete outfit & Pink Panther Cute Cat complete outfit and skin from `*~Zanzibar creationZ~*`

Andromeda Hair from Tekeli-li Dark Artistry & Briony Dress from Evies Closet

Archer Outfit in Tan from RIPPED

Just a teeny sample of the items you can expect to find at the faire.

A big thank you goes out to two of the designers participating in the Faire this year; Evangeline Miles - Owner/Designer of Evie's Closet & Sanura Snowpaw - Owner/Designer of *Dreams*. Thank you ladies for not only joining in such a great cause but for lending me your bodies and outfits to photograph.

Another thank you to Victoria Sabra for "trying not to have a fan-girly moment" and letting me use her as a model as well.

A HUGE thank you to all the designers that are putting their store in the Faire this year and helping us to raise funds for Relay for Life.

The Fantasy Faire is SL's largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts & performers. Join us for a week of commerce, special events, live music concerts & fundraising across 9 sims to benefit Relay for Life and the fight against cancer.

Proudly brought to you by
Friends Fighting Cancer
Strong! Together!

'Elvencourt' sim

'The Mer Market' sim

'Neko Industrial Park' sim

'Wings Wands Wonders' sim

'Via Obscurium' sim

'Dark Realms' sim

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