Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Gift

The Gift
Close your eyes and let your thoughts go to a place
where light dances across clear and pure streams
and enchanting trees offer shelter
Where the clear skies offer the warmth of the sun.
Where songs are whispered to from angels high above,
The scents of the flowers ease your mind.
Here in our special world we have wings to fly
Here, we are at one with the angels,
We can be at peace in our hearts.

If you can see into my special place,
It is yours to call your own
you can always close your eyes and return again.
So please take my humble offering,
and go there often, knowing that in my heart
I am with you in a place in my mind.
This is my gift for you

Faery Sola, Owner/Designer of Studio Sidhe, has made yet another wonderful pose - The Gift.

This pose is being released at the first ever Fae & Elven Pride Faire which opens April 2nd and runs through till April 11th. The Gift is a magical pose for two with a glowing orb that floats delicately in the hands as you offer it to another (suitable for guys and girls).

Studio Sidhe, will be at the faire located in the Fae Circus area, hidden in the trees, with sassy naughty performers on trapeze, tightrope and much more. You can try your luck between performances without a net!

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy in the frivolity of what looks to be a wonderous week at the Fae & Elven Pride Faire. Be sure to visit Studio Sidhe to not only pick up your very own "The Gift", pose but many other amazing creations by the talented Faery Sola.

The following is an exert from the press release for the Fae & Elven Pride Faire written by Grenville Oh:

All fantasy and non-fantasy creatures of any sexual orientation are welcome to a joyous fun gathering of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transexual Fae in a sim specially made for the event. Many straight friends and supporters are coming to have fun and we look forward to joining them in celebration. Come and discover your inner fae! A fantastic sim is being conjured - bursting with wonderful creations from a group of superbly talented fae designers. We are many sexualities, full expressed. To quote a dear friend: "We're here, we're queer, we've got pointy ears!"

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  1. aww beautiful! thanks so much Rows *hugs* See you at the faire! :D