Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Neko Industrial Park....Fantasy Faire's version of Kitty Heaven

Let me take you for a walk through Neko Industrial Park at this years Fantasy Faire. Photos are completely unedited so you can see the sim in all it's neko glory.

Lets start at the sim border and have a peek shall we.

First stop - Boof. This store makes me want to nom on skittles.

Trouble Maker Designs had me wanting to join the giant cheshire cat circling the fish bowl on their roof.

Time for a quick pit stop outside Kiki No.18

ooo a Mouse*Trap....takes a peek for any free trapped mice

Ariana's Designs giant twitching whiskers had me mesmerized.

Well looky here. Awww poor mousey hanging from the roof of Zanzibar creationZ

I really wanted to rumble in the grass at De La Fae, but I was a good kitty.

ooo shiny.....wait....Aluinn tried to lure me away with her pretties.

The ladder outside Psychotic Neko seems to have caught a weary traveller.

And now a word from our sponsor. hehehe always wanted to say that.

I wonder if Earendilia sells catnip

At *Dreams*, they do come true.

So many pigeons to play with at Cat-A-Tonic, can I just pull the feathers off one, just one.

eeeeps, that's one giant paw print inside GKitteh

rawr.....a new skin perhaps? ND MD has it all.

After all the sightseeing through the stores I decided to head on back to the central sim to look around and spotted this cozy little bed so decided to curl up and have a nap instead.

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