Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Big Is Beautiful

As the title suggests, this blog post is about shapes. We are all unique and each have our own different idea of an ideal shape and size.

RL stereotypes us and labels us depending on what we wear or how curvy we are. SL gives us a chance to be something we are not in RL.

When I first joined SL, a few years back, my avatar was very much just like the RL me. I'm not ashamed of the way I look, but I am labelled as "voluptuous", "curvy", "full figured" and sometimes just plain "fat". I have curves. I have a bit of meat covering my bones. I'm just plain old average me. I would rather have this body than that of most of the top paying supermodels of the world.

And yet I was ridiculed even in SL as being "big". So just like most of the people I know - I followed the crowds and I made my avatar, what I thought, sexy. She had a nice perfect skin with no blemishes or scars. She looked like she needed a feed of a good cheeseburger or 10. She was attractive, or what SL classes as attractive. I followed the clothing trends, depending on what was big in the blogs. I "kept up with the Jones'".

Only recently have I started dressing just like me. Wearing the daggy jeans and tops and not caring if I'm colour co-ordinated or if I even have shoes on. I've started to regress back to the old me. And the best part - I really couldn't care if someone thinks my avatar is "fat".

I have hips, a belly, there is no defineable gap between the tops of my thighs, my boobs aren't exactly perky - but I'm me. I'm still the same person that has fun with my friends. I can still joke and carry on. Does it really matter if you can park a semi between my thighs, bounce a coin of my flat, taught stomach, fit into a child sized T Shirt or if my stomach overhangs my panty line and my boobs sag a little. What about if I were dressed as a unicorn or a dragon? It does not matter what my avatar looks like, I am still the same person.

I was having a conversation with a top "model" of SL recently who, I admire for not being afraid to speak her mind, came out and made the comment "OMG you're ass is huge". Now I was in my normal avatar at the time. For those of you that have seen my avatar or even pics on my blog. Is my ass 'huge'? So if my everyday avatar was classed as having a huge ass. I would hate to see what she said about the more realistic me avatar.

We are all individuals and the joys of SL is that most clothing prim attachments are mod or have resize scripts. So even though you would normally look in the window of a fashion shop and wish they made their clothes in your size - you don't need to worry about that now. Make it fit you. Don't make you fit the prim.

Be who you want to be. Be you. Don't just follow the crowds and become a neko if wearing furry ears and paws makes you feel funny. Don't wear pointy ears if you are conscious of people staring at them. Just be yourself.

I am.
This is me.
Curves and all.


Skin: Acorn Frex [Dark] Elf-Soot 2 from Curio
Hair: Haver, Cinnamon from .:[Tiny Bird]:.
Eyes: Kaleidoscope Dragonfly from Eponym
Underwear: Belle Red Satin from Blacklace
Shape: Made by myself
Poses Used: Fashion Blogger #5 and Female #1 from ~Sinsity~
Model #58, Model #74, Model #215 and Model #217 from SEmotion Studio


  1. *applauds*

    I went through this a few months ago - met someone who told me she loved my work and then IMMEDIATELY followed that up with, "We MUST get you a makeover!" I thought I looked just fine - no fashion plate, maybe, but certainly nothing that would make someone immediately start thinking makeover. When I modified the shape she told me to get just slightly, she noticed IMMEDIATELY and questioned me about it. Well, screw that. I'm back to looking a lot more like my real self.

    And btw, your real self looks GREAT to me. :)

  2. Very well-put. This piece was timely and important. Thank You.