Friday, July 9, 2010

The Little Wind Up Doll.

Just for something different, and to liven things up I give to you
The little wind up doll.

Both outfits are from Luna's Boutique. The cupcake dress (above) comes with the cute tiny hat. And if you, or your friends, touch the cupcakes on the dress you get given one. The clown outfit (below) comes in a full avatar set - skin, shape, eyes, hair, red nose, jumpsuit with cuff bottoms and fuzzy buttons and slip on shoes with pompoms on the toes. (Shape, hair, eyes, nose and pants cuffs not shown).

The reason for my lively blog post today stems from the turn key I was given as a bloggers review gift. It's a new release out at Rabbit Hutch Clothier. Included in the package you get two keys (one attaches to spine the other to chest) and a colour change hud so you can change your key to suit your outfit.

To make the doll experience more 'real' I added the Puppet Doll AO from ## CI ##. It has 5 different stand poses; 2 of which are shown above, a run, ground sit, object sit and flying animations.

Style Notes:

Cupcake Dress
SKIN: *Lunas Boutique* Clown Skin
HAIR:>TRUTH< Gloria espresso
EYES: NegaPosi Dreaming Eyes - melon
DRESS: *Lunas Boutique* Cupcake Dress
SHOES: .::TNY::. Colour Change ballet Flats
POSES: [ImpEle]

Clown Jumpsuit
SKIN: *Lunas Boutique* Clown Skin
HAIR: >TRUTH< Darla streaked - snow
EYES: NegaPosi Dreaming Eyes - melon
JUMPSUIT: *Lunas Boutique* Clown - including shoes
POSES: Poses from the ## CI ## Puppet Doll AO


  1. This first picture looks so pretty! It is exactly the kind a variety I want for Tiny Hats Weekly.

  2. Thanks Pixie. Can I ask what Tiny Hats Weekly is?